30 March, 2020

Work With Us

Over the next 12 months, NTS is looking for people to join the team with sustained positions in Canberra, Melbourne and the Middle East.
10 March, 2020

MOU – Foresight Tactical and NTS

We welcome Foresight Tactical to the NTS family
1 March, 2020

Philippines Equipment Integration

NTS recently designed and delivered equipment integration training for the AFP.
18 February, 2020

Digital Training Design Specialist

NTS is setting up a specialist team to conduct design, development, and reform of training material for a Government client.
18 February, 2020

Training Analyst

NTS is setting up a specialist team to conduct detailed analysis of learning framework for a Government client.
20 December, 2019

Press Note – Victoria Police

Huntsman Aus team with Nexus Training Solutions to expand Victorian Police response capabilities
26 September, 2019

Trinidad and Tobago Counter Terrorism Training

NTS recently deployed a Mobile Training Team to Trinidad and Tobago in order to conduct equipment and integration training to the nations specialised Security Forces. 
26 August, 2019

Philippines – UAS Integration

NTS’s latest iteration was the delivery of specialist training on Unmanned Aerial System integration to enhance the Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capability across manoeuvre elements.
2 August, 2019

Jordan JTAC Program Case Study

The contract for the development of Jordanian JTAC capability was awarded to Nexus Training Solutions by Global Maritime Services, a division of US-based VSE Corporation.