26 September, 2019

Trinidad and Tobago Counter Terrorism Training

NTS recently deployed a Mobile Training Team to Trinidad and Tobago in order to conduct equipment and integration training to the nations specialised Security Forces. 
26 August, 2019

Philippines – UAS Integration

NTS’s latest iteration was the delivery of specialist training on Unmanned Aerial System integration to enhance the Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capability across manoeuvre elements.
2 August, 2019

Jordan JTAC Program Case Study

The contract for the development of Jordanian JTAC capability was awarded to Nexus Training Solutions by Global Maritime Services, a division of US-based VSE Corporation.
4 July, 2019

Philippines Armed Forces- JTAC Specialist Equipment Training

During the busy June period, NTS’ Mobile Training Teams supported the Philippine Armed Forces (PAF) Special Operation Command through the Building Partner Capacity program.
30 June, 2019

Georgian CBRN Training

NTS deployed a Mobile Training Team of CBRN specialists to Georgia in support of US Department of Defense Foreign Military Sales over the period 24-28 June 2019.
30 April, 2019

Jordan CBR Training

In April 2019, NTS deployed a specialist Mobile Training Team to Jordan to deliver CBR decontamination training for Army and Navy personnel in the Jordanian Armed Forces.
18 September, 2018

Bulgaria Tactical Care of the Combat Casualty Training

NTS’ specialist Medical Mobile Training Team delivered a Tactical Care of the Combat Casualty (TCCC) package to the Bulgarian Special Counter Terrorism Unit (SOBT) to develop their organisational medical proficiency.
1 September, 2018

Jordan JTAC Training

In August 2018, a Mobile Training Team of NTS’ specialist Joint Terminal Attack Controller instructors delivered an Advanced JTAC module to members of the Royal Jordanian Air Force.
21 July, 2018


NTS instructors facilitating discussions with Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) staff during an OBC+E (Organisational Behaviour, Culture and Effectiveness) training course.