Company News

4 December, 2020

NTS is still training

2020 has been an interesting year for the team at Nexus Training Solutions!
4 December, 2020

Australian Owned I Support Veteran Employment

We’re generally quiet with our achievements but…
4 December, 2020

Fires Center of Excellence Announcement

NTS is pleased to announce its participation in the Fires Centre of Excellence…
10 March, 2020

MOU – Foresight Tactical and NTS

We welcome Foresight Tactical to the NTS family
1 March, 2020

Philippines Equipment Integration

NTS recently designed and delivered equipment integration training for the AFP.
20 December, 2019

Press Note – Victoria Police

Huntsman Aus team with Nexus Training Solutions to expand Victorian Police response capabilities
26 September, 2019

Trinidad and Tobago Counter Terrorism Training

NTS recently deployed a Mobile Training Team to Trinidad and Tobago in order to conduct equipment and integration training to the nations specialised Security Forces. 
26 August, 2019

Philippines – UAS Integration

NTS’s latest iteration was the delivery of specialist training on Unmanned Aerial System integration to enhance the Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capability across manoeuvre elements.
2 August, 2019

Jordan JTAC Program Case Study

The contract for the development of Jordanian JTAC capability was awarded to Nexus Training Solutions by Global Maritime Services, a division of US-based VSE Corporation.