18 September, 2018

Bulgaria Tactical Care of the Combat Casualty Training

NTS’ specialist Medical Mobile Training Team delivered a Tactical Care of the Combat Casualty (TCCC) package to the Bulgarian Special Counter Terrorism Unit (SOBT) to develop their organisational medical proficiency.
1 September, 2018

Jordan JTAC Training

In August 2018, a Mobile Training Team of NTS’ specialist Joint Terminal Attack Controller instructors delivered an Advanced JTAC module to members of the Royal Jordanian Air Force.
21 July, 2018


NTS instructors facilitating discussions with Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) staff during an OBC+E (Organisational Behaviour, Culture and Effectiveness) training course. 
16 July, 2018

Romania Combat Shooting

NTS successfully delivered a demanding and comprehensive training package to the Romanian Special Forces in Targu Mares, Romania.
6 June, 2018

Middle East Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure Training

In May of 2018, a specialist NTS Mobile Training Team program designed, developed and delivered a comprehensive regional VBSS (Visit, Board, Search and Seizure) training package in the Middle East.
5 May, 2018
Middle East Joint Fires Symposium

Middle East Joint Fires Symposium

NTS conducted simulation-based scenarios and After Action Reviews at the Middle Eastern Joint Fires Symposium held in Amman, Jordan. The intent being to draw out talking points and generate further lessons learnt for interoperability across the participants and Joint Fires program compliance and sustainment.
5 May, 2018

Philippines Armed Forces – Armourer Course

NTS concluded an intensive systems and equipment training course with the Philippine Marine Special Operations Group (MARSOG). Training was part of holistic efforts to develop individual skill-sets and enhance organic MARSOG maintenance and technical capability.
31 March, 2018
Jordanian JTAC Course

Jordanian JTAC Course

NTS trainers have delivered the Jordanian JTAC course at the Supporting Arms Virtual Trainer in Zarqa, Jordan with NTS coordinating simulation and training support.